Volunteers have always played an essential part of the success of Crieff Highland Gathering and in 2015 we took this  one step further by introducing our own “Gamesmakers” to the Gathering. We were very fortunate to have a tremendous response to our call for volunteers in that first year .

Over 60 volunteers donned their “Gamesmakers” outfits and became the faces of the 2015 Gatherings events. They provided a wide range of roles such as guiding competitors and visitors ,ticket collection, car parking,  helping with wristbands, assisting in the visitors’ tent, marshalling the Chieftains Parade and generally being available to answer questions from the general public and ensure the day went well.  Our visitors in 2015 praised the work of the Gamesmakers thus:

  • “The people are so happy, friendly and helpful, they really are the future for the Games.
  • “a great atmosphere well done to everybody that organised and helped out.”

There are plenty of opportunities to get involved in supporting Crieff Gathering in 2017, before, during and after the event. We supply all Gamesmakers with official Crieff Games outfits, snack tickets and training before the event. We also value there feedback to help us make the Gathering even better. On 20 August 2017 we will have thousands of visitors coming to the Gathering. Please help us make this a special day for them.

If you are willing to help contact us for more information at the email address below


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